Perfect Posture Workout

Rounded shoulders. Even on my most fit clients, rounded shoulders are unattractive and they diminish the hard work put into maintaining a healthy, strong body. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to avoid letting our shoulders slump forward–most of us spend hours slouched over a computer or phone. Sometimes I wish we had all been forced to walk around balancing books on our heads. Imagine how graceful and elegant we would all look now?

So, without a headmistress standing behind us with a yardstick, what do we do? We need to focus on posture like we focus on flat abs and tight butts, it’s all about targeting and strengthening those muscles that hold our shoulder blades together. It’s important to consciously work on our posture and if we’re aware, the exercise in this video can be done anytime. While sitting at a desk, watching TV, waiting for water to boil on the stove or for a light to turn green, exercises that correct your posture will make you look thinner, younger, and stronger. And, of course, there are some pretty major health benefits, too.

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