Burn Fat Faster with These 8 Tips

Trying to shed a few of those Thanksgiving pounds? Maybe you’re on a mission to look your best when you head to the in-laws for Christmas? Either way, you may want to seriously up your fat-burning game before the holiday break begins and we here at EatFitFuel are here to help! These tips are ways to add a little extra oomph to your nutrition & exercise regime to see your results jump up a notch. Some may seem pretty straight-forward, while others may contradict what you have thought before. However rest assured, these tips will get you on the path to to that sculpted look you are working towards.

  1. Hit the Weights – Studies have found that weight training not only burns calories as you exercise, but continues to burn for up to 40hrs after your workout. Aerobic exercise, like running, can’t say that! Even if your goal is weight loss and not muscle gain, weights are a surefire way to help you achieve your goal because they make sure the weight you’re losing isn’t muscle but fat!
  2. HIIT It Don’t Quit It – We at EatFitFuel are huge fans of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The short bursts of extreme energy use is a game changer when it comes to melting fat. The best part… better results in less time!
  3. Devour Some Fats – Eating the “good fats” like Omega-3s, will not only help you lose weight, but help gain muscle and recover from your workout. Let’s not forget the heart-health benefits from good fats as well. Look for polyunsaturated and dig in!
  4. Up the Protein – Upping the protein in your diet increases your metabolism and helps build and retain muscle. Protein also burns calories just by being digested,far more so than carbs or fats.
  5. Cut Your Carbs – One of the most obvious however most difficult. Carbs seem to be everywhere, from candy to certain vegetables. That being said, not all carbs were created equal. The fact is, reducing your carb intake will help with fat loss. I’m not saying cut the out, but lowering the amount you eat (especially of sugars and starches) will send you on the fat burning path! Try oats and vegetables out instead of breads, sugars, and chips.
  6. Reduce Calories Slowly – Just because you had an extra slice of pie at Thanksgiving does NOT mean you should cut your calories in half and starve yourself to get back to where you were weight wise. A massive calorie reduction means starvation mode, which reduces your metabolism making it more difficult to burn off the fat. To prevent this from happening, slowly reduce your calories allowing your body to catch up.
  7. The Calorie Change Up – Varying your calorie intake helps to keep your body guessing without slowing your metabolism. Changing how many calories you have every couple of days helps your body to continue working to burn calories by raising leptin levels and ultimately raising your metabolism.
  8. Get Off the Scale – You may have heard this a million times but muscle weighs more than fat. As you exercise, your body is building lean muscle. So, even if you are losing fat, your actual weight may not be going down however your body fat is. If you really want to track progress, look in a mirror, not at the scale. We’ve said it before…
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