Aromatherapy For Exercise Benefits

Did you know that the right aromatherapy can actually help you stay fit? That’s amazing news! If you aren’t familiar with aromatherapy, it’s a practice that uses specific essential oils in “scent therapy” through room atomizers and body care products. The ones geared towards energy and energizing your senses are the essential oil you’ll want to employ in the morning and before an intense workout. It can even help you stay focused. Let’s find out more!


Essential oilsEnergizing Aromatherapy

The citrus family is a great one to try in all your room atomizers. Scent your bathroom, breakfast area, and even your bedroom with some zingy lemon, orange, or grapefruit in the morning or right before a workout. You’ll find that your energy levels once you inhale these scents will definitely go up. Another great way to use these is in the shower. Mix a few drops with an unscented body wash and you’ll have a great energizing body product that will get you ready for the day.


Focus And Clarity

For focus and mental clarity, a few great essential oils to try are rosemary, basil, clary sage and peppermint. Any of these work very well to make you more alert and tuned in to what you have to get done in your busy day. Isn’t your schedule just crazy full all the time it seems?  You can try aromatherapy oils in many different ways.  The oils can be put into a diffuser to allow the scent to fill up an entire room.  You can also rub it on the back of your neck.  A number of companies now sell aromatherapy inhalers that are portable and good for on the go.  


Lyfe FuelAnother Time Saver 

Essential oils can definitely help you focus and stay energized throughout your day, but another way to give yourself a boost is with a healthy dietary shake. These Lyfe Fuel Daily Essentials Shakes are loaded with over 30 organic ingredients as part of the superfood family of ingredients. You’ll love how great they taste, in two different flavors chocolate and vanilla, and help you burn fat while building lean muscle. These shales are plant based so they have less of the fillers that a lot of the other brands have.  Anything to contribute to a healthier lifestyle, right?

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