Cool Sports For An Ultra Fun Workout

Working out everyday at the same gym all the time can be very tedious. Don’t you want to shake-up your workout in a way that makes you sweat and have fun? Sounds like a cool plan to us! It doesn’t all have to be treadmill, stair stepper, and other boring machine work that doesn’t inspire you one bit.  There are some many interesting activities that one can do.

Being a hamster on that wheel of fitness indoors is fine most of the time, but for added variety it can be helpful to try a sport with other people in the mix. It’s a fun workout that you’ll actually look forward to doing. Tap into your competitive spirit and explore what these 4 cool sports workouts can actually do for your physical health and wellness. That’s not even to mention the mental boost you get from socializing during these activities with friends and fun people you haven’t even met yet. If you’re too shy to join in alone, grab a best pal to do these sports with you. It’s also a great way to meet new people when moving to a new city.  These are also perfect activities for couples to try to do together with co-ed leagues.


Dodgeball leagueJoin A Local Dodgeball League

Don’t you remember playing dodgeball in the school gym growing up? That was so much fun! It was really one of the best activities to look forward to. Much better than rope climbing or running on the track for the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Or situps! So. Many. Situps. Dodgeball leagues are popping up all around the country and honestly came back in fashion in the early 2000s, when the movie, “Dodgeball” came out. All that running and throwing are actually an excellent cardio workout. Plus, it couldn’t be more of a blast to run around like a crazy kid again trying to nail your opponent with a red rubber four square ball.  Dodgeball sometimes gets a little rough so make sure you are actually joining a league that fits your skill level.  It wouldn’t be great to join a league where all the players are way better than you and you are running for your life!


Rock climbingTry Rock Climbing 

For muscle toning and stamina, rock climbing is a neat activity to try. If you live in an area that has a naturally rocky or mountainous terrain, you can explore a class with a qualified instructor outside. If you live in the flat plains of kansas, you may have to try to take a class in a rock climbing gym. More and more areas are opening these types of fitness places, so check for one close by your area.  Rock climbing is also a great way to build muscles including the muscles that you sometimes don’t work out at the gym.  It’s really great for working your back muscles which are essential for any sporting activity including chores around the house!  Rock climbing also really pushes your boundaries and puts you in very uncomfortable positions.  It’s also a great way to see various parts of the country and there are also a number of amazing climbing groups for all levels.


Batting cageSwing Your Way To Fitness

Baseball is still one of the best team activities to explore. There are softball leagues in just about every town in the US, so it shouldn’t be an issue to find a team. Or look into your own office, if you work in one, because they might have a team. Talk to whoever is in charge to join, because it’s a great workout that fosters an amazing sense of camaraderie.  Softball is also great because it’s much easier to play than baseball. when you get older (if you played baseball growing up)  The ball is bigger and for some leagues the ball is also softer.  And if you didn’t play when you were a kid there are so many levels of softball that it’s easy to join a league at your current ability. Plus softball can be played co-ed so you have a lot more opportunity to meet people.  


Ice skatingTake An Ice Skating Class

Ever dream of being Nancy Kerrigan or Michelle Kwan? You can still pursue the sport of figure skating, which is a great core workout, not to mention the shape it gives to your legs and behind, even if you’ll never be as good as they are. They are Olympic athletes! Take a few group lessons to really get into the technique if you’ve never done it before. Then keep it up on a weekly basis by going to your local skating rink’s “free skate” or some will have DJ’s pumping out current music on a Friday or Saturday night.  Just remember skating seems easy but you actually need to start slow and build your way up to make sure you are not going to fall.  And falling while ice skating is not the best feeling on the hard ice.  But once you get the hang of skating it’s actually a really fun exercise and it burns a lot of calories and really works your various leg muscles.

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