It’s Never Too Late For A Summer Shape-Up

The summer season is sadly winding down. That means put away your paddleboards, store your kayaks, and think about all the activities you can do indoors, if you live in a seasonal climate. When you’re from California or the south, it doesn’t matter as much. You can get out there to enjoy the weather and a bounty of activities year round. Lucky you!

When you still haven’t achieved your ultimate beachbody, as the summer season is coming to an end, don’t worry. You still have time because it’s never too late for a summer shape-up, even into the early fall months.  Plus keeping up with your workout routine is a great way to kick off the fall and make sure you don’t slack in the fall and winter time.  Consistency for working out is the key to success.


Team workoutGrab A Buddy

If you are slowly losing focus on working out, the best thing you can do for yourself is to enlist a fit friend. They will make plans for workout dates with you, go for walks, or even motivate you to join a sports team for fitness. It’s always more fun with a buddy and certainly more motivating.  A buddy also helps motivate you and pushes you to go beyond where would go a lot of times on your own.  It’s also good to get tips both on exercise and nutrition from a friend.  Plus if you ever lack motivation having a set time with a friend is a great way to make sure you keep your schedule.  It’s important to pick the right workout partner – usually best for someone who pushes but is also doing a lot of the same stuff you are doing.   You don’t want end pushing yourself too hard and hurting yourself.  


Plant Based NutritionTry Clean Plant Based Nutrition

You can always make strides in your eating habits. That being said sticking to whole foods, with a clean eating approach is best.  There are so many benefits to going on a plant based diet.  Eating and drinking your greens is a great way to achieve optimal health.  Plant based food contains so many beneficial ingredients including probiotics, all kinds of different vitamins, enzymes for your stomach and the list goes on and on.  We love the brand LYFE Fuel but there are so many other brands that are just as good.  You have to keep trying and seeing what you like the best.  They say that great health starts in your gut so make sure you have your share of probiotics and fermented foods.  We’ve started incorporating chia, flax, and hemp seeds (which form the basis of a health pre-biotic diet) into our usual normal routine.  We’ve seen amazing results from that.  Prebiotics help build up your beneficial bacteria.  Probiotics help your beneficial Beneficial thrive.  The bacteria in your stomach leads to so many health benefits.  Your stomach has a huge impact on not only your immune system but also your brain health.  There’s a lot of great books out there talk about the stomach and brain health symbiotic nature.  There’s a lot of research that ties stomach problems and a host of mental illnesses like depression together.  Really important to be cognizant of that and strengthen your overall health!


You Want To Know More Right?

Our advice is to find the products and foods that make you feel better not the ones that taste the best. These will help you make huge strides in your wellness plans.   There is so much great information out there and really important to do your research.  Plus, with the all natural plant based energy and minerals you’ll be on the road to a slimmer body in no time flat. 

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