Attack Back Fat

Bump Up Your Cardio (Interval-style)

interval-cardioGetting rid of fat means getting serious about cardio and your best option is interval cardio. Interval training alternates between periods of pushing your body and recovering. It’s an anaerobic exercise – meaning not needing oxygen to supply energy with you heart rate between 90-100% of your maximum level. Do 4 to 6 challenges of  60-90 second bursts of exercise with rest periods in between.

One of the major benefits is that after interval exercising, your body can burn up to an extra 200 calories throughout the day – even while resting or sleeping — than you would normally after finishing a steady-paced workout. Plus, incorporating more interval cardio into your routine will not only help you to get leaner all over, but it takes considerably less time – leaving you more time got other things.

Focus on Toning your Back… and other muscles, too!

superman-exerciseYou should be adding moves that sculpt your back, shoulders and obliques to get those strong muscles in place and allow them to shine through. These 3 back exercises – Superman, Bird Dog, Plank – will do just that! You might also be surprised that exercises that improve your posture will also do wonder for your back muscles!

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