5 Minutes of Stretching Will Rock Your World

I know first hand the trouble that can happen if you forfeit stretching. Long story short, my body basically just tightened up and I literally could not move. My hips and back and quads and hamstrings were so incredibly tight for lack of stretching that they seized up. I had been running and cross training 6 days a week with barely any stretching. I had to sleep on my coffee table, and could barely walk or sit down without excruciating pain for 2 weeks. Horrible! I swore that would never happen again. I have since implemented a routine of dynamic stretching that I do daily. The other benefit is that I have actually seen a change in my body. Ive been getting compliments from people asking what I’ve been doing since I am looking leaner!

Other benefits of dynamic stretches include:
•    Activate Core
•    Improve Range of Motion
•    Improve Body Awareness
•    Increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body more efficiently
•    Improve performance

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