Best Post-Workout Drink: Chocolate Milk

After a tough workout, there’s a bunch of drink options on the market that hail themselves as the best post-exercise recovery beverage…. Gatorade, Powerade or any number of enhanced waters, but an unlikely option is starting to make a big splash: chocolate milk.

If you take a look at the nutrition label on chocolate milk, you’ll notice that it has double the carbs and protein content of plain milk and most other sports drinks; making it the perfect solution for replenishing those tired muscles. Chocolate milk also has a high water content to replace the fluids lost as sweat to help prevent dehydration. Plus, you’ll find it’s also packed with other calcium and a little sodium and sugar that aids recovering athletes to retain water and regain energy quickly.Chocolate-Milk

Drinking plain water after a workout will replace sweat loss, but that’s it. Chocolate milk gives you the carbohydrates to metabolize and replenish your muscles  metabolize; something water can’t do.


Many researchers recommend eating or drinking something within the first 20 to 60 minutes after a workout because your muscles have been depleted and are in need of replenishment to make a full recovery.

An added bonus is that most protein drinks or sports drinks on supermarket shelves are expensive, but milk is something most of us already have in our refrigerator, making it the easiest and cheapest choice that has everything you need after a workout.


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