Butt Sculptor Workout!

Grab three different weights for this one. You will need a light, medium and heavy weight. This is pyramid training and if you’ve never done a workout designed like this, have fun with it! Pyramid training is a great way to maximize the moves as you keep your body guessing as to what is coming next. 

Really focus on squeezing your bum during the moves. Remember heavier weights = fewer reps; lighter weights = more reps.

Here are the moves:

1) Plies to Regular Squats (Heavy Weight) – 10 reps
2) Hip Thrusts (Heavy Weight) – 10 reps
3) Plies to Regular Squats (Medium Weight) – 12 reps
4) Hip Thrusts (Medium Weight) – 12 reps
5) Plies to Regular Squats (Light Weight) – 15 reps
6) Hip Thrusts (Light Weight) – 15 reps



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