Cardio and Core!

Today is a mix of strength and cardio! The perfect combo. I have been doing combos like this for the past 12 weeks and have seen a noticeable difference in my overall fitness level. I am stronger, leaner and my endurance has increased greatly. Try to do these types of workouts and see the change. Cardio to burn fat, strength to build muscle and change your body composition. Have fun!

Here are the moves:

Part 1: 4 rounds, or 4 minutes total
Skater Jump Lunges (30 seconds)
Plank With Alternating Press Under/Reptiles (30 seconds)

Part 2: 4 rounds, or 4 minutes total
Heel Grabs
Twisted Pushup

Part 3: 4 rounds, or 4 minutes total
Crab Toe Touch
Krav Pushups



Susy Sedano is a Content Producer, a fitness enthusiast and an avid cook of healthy meals. She prides herself on creating healthy dishes for family and friends, and is always on the hunt for new workouts and recipes! Despite her hectic non-stop work and fitness schedules, she is a “girl’s girl” and a student of life!
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