Detox Like The Celebs Do

Celebrity Detox

It’s all the rage right now. Detoxing. Celebs seem to be in on this technique of cleansing out the body in order to lose a little weight, jumpstart a healthy eating plan, or just feel better in general. The old school way of detoxing was basically starvation, combined with scary drink concoctions like spicy lemon water. You can do better than that! The concept that most celebrities are actually using is a clean eating plan to detox in a more healthful way. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow, who has her own wellness company called Goop, to Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan Tatum have explored how detoxing has improved their life in so many ways. You don’t even have to run away to an uber expensive spa to do it. Here’s a little bit on how you should detox in a smart way, just like the celebrities do.


ScheduleDetermine Your Timeline

How long do you want to detox? If you are a beginner to detoxing, you may want to stick to a week to start with. Or even just three days. Then as you get better at making these lifestyle adjustments, you can go for longer amounts of time. It’s all about discipline and how well you can deal with just a little bit of hunger.  It’s also important to create a plan and stick to it.  Having a plan will create structure around your detox.


Cucumber WaterGet Rid Of These Two Items First

For a truly beneficial detox, the first two items on the list that you should get rid of are caffeine and sugar. That’s going to help your body in so many ways. It might take a little getting used to forgoing that morning double shot latte from Starbucks, but soldier on and drink water spiked with citrus slices or cucumbers all throughout the day.  Sugar is one of the worst things for your body.  Your body ends storing sugar as fat and causes inflammation that your body is constantly trying to fight.


Fruits & Veggies

Then Decide On Sticking To This Easy Plan

The goal with this type of detox is not starvation, but clean eating. That means no processed or fast foods. When you are shopping in the grocery stores, you want to focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein like chicken and fish, and low fat dairy with good probiotics, such as plain Greek yogurt or Kefir.

You can do a non-dairy and gluten free detox if you want to cut out those extra two kinds of items. It’s up to you on what’s best for your body, if you have stomach sensitivities to each. Only your doctor or allergist can truly determine if those are actually an issue in your own body with specialized testing.

When you focus on plant based foods and lean proteins that are easy for your body to digest, you’ll be getting an effective detox from processed foods and unrefined sugars that aren’t good for you.

Your clean eating for the day should include starting with a homemade smoothie, having a salad with beans and lean protein for lunch and a dinner of mostly veggies and again a lean protein choice. You can vary it up a bit with fish, chicken, or turkey, but try to avoid red meats which are harder to digest.


Here’s The Kicker About Celebs And Eating

When celebs detox or practice clean eating, here’s the big secret. They hardly prepare any of it themselves. They do have an array of assistants and clean eating chefs to make up the meals for them. They are delivered in marked portions for an ease that the average person doesn’t have access to. So while it might require a little more work and dedication to eat clean, the benefits for you are going to be well worth it.

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