Don’t Let The Scale Control You

We’ve all done it, stepped on the scale and our world came crashing down. For the rest of the day we measured our self-worth by a little number: our mood was up and down, maybe we were snappy, or worse, depressed. And then we step on that same scale later on in the day (for whatever reason that possessed us to do so) and it is higher than the morning! Forget it, we are going to fall down that rabbit hole and eat whatever we want for the next two days in order to find a little comfort-even if it is a false sense of security.

Long term weight lose happens over time with consistent exercise and healthy eating habits. Here are a few tips to help you dominate the scale.

1) Keep a food journal. journal-food-binge

I cannot begin to stress enough how important a food journal is. Try having to write that you had a scoop of ice cream vs. a scoop of tuna fish. There is no way a scale can hold you accountable like a journal can.

2) Eat clean.

Bad foods can cause stress to the body, inflammation and bloating. It can also ransack any diet within seconds. Always carry good foods with you and remember to eat often. Try eating every three to four hours, if you exercise then close that gap between food time a little more.

3) Selfie time.

Now that you have mapped out your goal of getting healthy along with weight loss, you are going to want to document this journey. Why take a personal photo of yourself? Well, for starters photos don’t lie and it’s an excellent way to document progress and see the results down the road. It’s important that you take this snapshot in a bathing suit or less and no one has to see this but you.

4) Exercise.


This sounds like a no brainer, right? But it is amazing what happens when we are tire or fatigued or spend too much time at the office (or a t home). Everything gets in the way and working out winds up taking a back seat. You will need to work out a few days a week (minimum three), and there must be rest days. Some of these exercise routines can be difficult and others can be slow and steady, but as long as you get out there and work up a sweat, you’ll be good.

You are beautiful just the way you are and you are a work in progress wanting to improve yourself. Remember… Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your goals, so get going and have fun!!!!



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