3 Moves Your Trainer Won’t Do!

You might see other at your gym performing these moves, but you shouldn’t put your body at risk where there are other moves out there that are safer and provide just as good results, if not better! Avoid these 3 moves anytime you’re working out.

1. Seated Leg Machineslunge-rotate-ab-workout

You won’t see any trainers at the seated leg extension and seated hamstring curl machines. These machines can cause you to fully extended your leg that puts a ton of stress on the knee joints – which could lead to injury. Better choices are the wide variety of squats and lunges that will work those quad muscles just as hard!

2. Crunches

Ugh… don’t do crunches. When you were younger, you probably did millions. DoPLANK-PRESS-UP you remember the sprain it put on your neck? That’s because it’s too easy to get them wrong!  There are tons of other better options out there that will work your core and abs all at once. Try the wide array of plank variations

3. Moves Behind the Head/Neck

Lifting any weight behind your head and neck puts your shoulders at risk. Anytime a move has you performing in unnatural positions… think twice. These moves put your shoulder places a large amount of  strain on your rotator cuff muscles.

Why risk it? Workout wisely…

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