Fun Fitness :: Cardio Tai Boxing

Martial arts + Boxing + Cardio!

You will be hitting every part of your glutes and abs with the first move. The higher you can kick the harder the work to your booty and quads. Focus and breathe. This is such a fun routine. I love boxing and this is such a great combo of all the things I love together! Cardio, boxing, different moves – it’s a new favorite. This is a great way to enter into the world of martial arts / boxing inspired workout. If you like the moves and the energy of this one, I suggest finding a local fitness boutique that offers group classes of this nature – these classes are more affordable in a group format and tons of fun! If you need some help finding a location in your neighborhood, message me and I would happy to help!

Here are the moves:

Squat Round House Kick
Knee Drive with Elbow to Punch
Lunge Kick with Jump Change
Burpee/Striking Combo
Squat and Twist with Hitch Kick
180 Kick Combo with Burpee



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