Functional Strength: The Fantastic Four

Functions strength is a double whammy who it comes to benefits for your body! On top of helping to shred fat and tone lean muscle, it also builds your body’s ability to complete everyday tasks in a healthy, supported way. These 4 moves are the kinds of functional strength. 1.) The squat is a very important exercise because it trains the muscles of the legs, glutes and core. In addition, the squat trains proper weight distribution through a range of motion. 2.) The lunge is a very beneficial exercise because it trains pibedal movement patterns that we use on a daily basis as humans. 3.) The plank is a very useful exercise for core stabilization, especially when done correctly. 4.) Last but not least, the row is a very important exercise to strengthen the back muscles responsible for pulling along with the core muscles during trunk rotation. Although these exercises are basic, they should not be overlooked.

Complete 4 rounds in circuit fashion: 
x15 Squat
x20 each Lunge
x4 Plank
x12 Row

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