Fat Loss: The 4 Worst Mistakes to Make

Losing fat takes time and effort. It’s all about eating right and getting your workouts in. There are definitely myths out there that some of you may still be holding on to that are holding your weight/fat loss success back. These are 4 of the most critical tips to avoid if you want to hit your goals. Listen and digest them. If you feel that they are not true, do me a favor, turn off the voice in your head and apply these tips for 2 months. What have you got to lose, oh wait, you have those extra pounds! Give them a try for me!


Susy Sedano is a Content Producer, a fitness enthusiast and an avid cook of healthy meals. She prides herself on creating healthy dishes for family and friends, and is always on the hunt for new workouts and recipes! Despite her hectic non-stop work and fitness schedules, she is a “girl’s girl” and a student of life!
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