Hardcore Weight Loss Tips: #1

If you’re truly committed to losing weight, sometimes a simple tip or trick can make the difference in motivating you to make a big change in your life. Here’s our first hardcore tip to help you lose weight!

1. Cancel cable.


It may seem like a fairly mundane tip to losing weight, but your cable television subscription might be the crutch holding you back from losing weight and achieving your fitness goals, especially if your day looks anything like this…cancel-cable-television

8am-9am: Sitting in your car driving to work.
9am-5pm: Sitting in your office chair working.
5pm-6pmSitting in your car driving home.
6pm-10pmSitting on your couch watching TV.
10pm-12amSitting in bed watching TV.

When you work 8-hour, mostly sedentary, days in front of a computer and then plop in front of the TV for another 4+ hours, you’re not leaving much time for physical activity, cooking healthy meals or getting a good night’s sleep; which is critical for maintaining a healthy weight.

Plus, once you sit down on the couch, it’s very hard to get up. Like, really hard! As the days and weeks go on, this routine becomes more and more difficult to change because you’re energy level plummets and you gain weight, which makes getting active that much more difficult.

Without cable, what could you do instead?

The benefits of canceling cable are numerous – from saving money to forcing you off the couch – so if you’re really committed to losing weight, seriously consider the cutting the cord.

Plus, if you’re looking for more incentive to cancel your cable subscription, many television shows are getting ready to go on summer hiatus, giving you several months without a lot on TV, anyway, so now might be the best time!

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