Best 9 Tips on How to Wake Yourself Up in 2022

How to wake yourself up

The first step to having a successful and high-energy day starts with how you start it. Many successful personalities, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and even Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson, credit their early mornings (along with the hours spent) to their success. 
Besides this, ensuring you have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep can help you immensely.

When it comes to regularizing your day-to-day routine, having an adequate sleep is irreplaceable. However, not everyone has the luxury due to circumstances and personal issues. 

So, if you’re looking for the best ways for how to wake yourself up, you’ve come to the right place! This article will cover several helpful tips to ensure you feel as awake as possible.

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9 Best Ways to Wake Yourself Up

How to Wake Yourself Up
9 Best Ways to Wake Yourself Up

1. Expose Yourself to Bright Light

There have been several studies conducted that help users understand that there are many processes that take place when both your eyes and skin are exposed to sunlight or bright light during the early morning. 

A study showed that exposure to bright sunlight, especially in the early morning, can significantly improve your sense of alertness throughout the day.

Besides this, ensuring your room is well lit with natural and artificial lighting can help improve alertness and help you feel more awake. However, for individuals with sensory disorders, it can have an adverse effect, so it’s important to keep a personal gauge on what works for you. 

2. Drink a Cup of Coffee

Drinking coffee is a great way for anyone wondering how to wake yourself up and kick-start your day. Caffeine generally works as a great neuro stimulant that helps add energy and improve your overall productivity. How does it do this? Caffeine reduces your receptiveness to adenosine, a hormone that tells your body to make you feel tired and is released naturally by your body.

This means that with a healthy and reasonable dose of coffee, you can be ready to jump-start your day. That said, when consumed excessively, it can lead to your body overproducing adenosine, which can lead to a huge crash after the caffeine wears off. To avoid feeling drowsy or tired in the long run, we strongly advise you to avoid excessive caffeine consumption.

Most experts suggest you consume a maximum of around two glasses a day to sustain your overall well-being.

3. Drink Two Glasses of Water

Starting your day by drinking two glasses of water effectively wakes you up. By itself, water is great for rehydrating your body after your sleep. Besides this, it’s great for your digestive system. 

Drinking two glasses of water can help regularize your bowel movements, greatly affecting your overall mood and consistency throughout the day.

4. Exercise

As many may know, exercise is crucial in stimulating endorphins and maintaining a healthy body. Generally speaking, about 120 minutes of vigorous cardio every week is recommended for an adult human.

When it comes to hormones and neurochemicals, exercise plays a huge role in increasing your adrenaline and dopamine. For anyone looking for how to wake yourself up or stay awake, starting your day with a rigorous workout can elevate your heart rate and adrenaline levels, helping you start your day on a high note.

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5. Listen to Energetic Music

Several papers have been written on the effects of high-tempo music and increasing levels of excitement and dopamine. Generally speaking, music with higher beats per minute or bpm (90-120 bpm) has proven to elevate your heart rate and stimulate dopamine production. Adversely lower bpm tends to inspire thoughtful or melancholy thoughts and emotions.

So, for individuals looking to get energized and pumped to start work, using high-tempo music can help you out.

6. Take a Cold Shower

Although it is thought to be an old wive’s tale, cold showers can be beneficial to the body to help you concentrate and feel alert. How? To put it simply, cold showers make you take deep breaths, which, in turn, reduces the level of carbon dioxide in your body. Higher levels of oxygen help with alertness and ensure your body functions smoothly.

Regardless of your initial skepticism, having cold water showers any time of day can help you feel more alert and awake.

7. Hydration

While caffeine is one of the most effective ways to stay awake, consuming green tea and water help keep your blood flowing and your heart rate up. That said, overhydration can make you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, so we’d strongly recommend you drink water to keep you well hydrated but not overhydrated.

8. Aromatherapy

While not the most usual way to stay awake, essential oils, like lavender or peppermint, act as a stimulant for staying awake. 

Besides this, lavender oil can often help relieve pain and alleviate stress or anxiety for those stressed or likely to suffer from headaches. Aromatherapy, although a pseudoscience, has been proven to help act as a stimulant for relaxation or even staying alert.

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9. Take a Power Nap

When you’re tired and run down, nothing can help you get back on your feet like a little rest. Humans are advised to have a good 7-8 hours of sleep daily, so it’s not uncommon for you to feel run down or tired when you overexert yourself or don’t get adequate sleep. Power naps, not more than 90 minutes, have been proven to help with alertness and can help you get a refresh when feeling run down.


While staying awake and alert is a problem we’ll all run into sooner or later, you must ensure it does not impact your health. Sleep is essential for mental and physical well-being and there’s no number of tips or hacks that can replace this. Everyone has trouble staying awake from time to time, and these tips can help you.

When it comes to staying awake, it’s important to remember to drink caffeine, stay hydrated and keep yourself in a well-lit room. However, as mentioned, some scenarios require you to take a step back and let your body recover with a short power nap. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is coffee an effective way to wake yourself up?

Yes! Coffee is one of the most effective ways to wake up when feeling drowsy. Caffeine acts as a neuro-stimulant which helps give you the jolt you need to jumpstart your work and day.

2. Is drinking coffee harmful for you?

In moderation, not at all. That said, consuming too much caffeine, in the long run, can lead to headaches and even feeling lethargic over time.

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