5 Habits You Don’t Have To Live With

Bad habits are hard to break. That’s a given. Life can be so stressful sometimes that when we fall into bad patterns, breaking them can take some considerable effort. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get into a fitness regimen, or stop drinking so much, it can seem overwhelming to cut back on those things. Here are 5 habits you don’t have to live with, if you can find the right substitutions to make in your life.

Habit #5: Fast Food

Fast food is not good for you. It’s easy to see how all those empty calories and fat filled items can wreck havoc on your waistline. People get into a rut though with having to work a fast paced job and not having the time to make proper meals and snacks. There is a good solution to that. Finding a meal replacement shake that tastes great, fills you up, and even helps you burn fat. The solution is Lyfe Fuel. This is a great tasting shake that is chock full of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, plant based protein, and even fiber to help you feel satisfied and fuller longer. It even comes in two different flavors, chocolate and vanilla chai. Just pack your stainless steel container with the powder to take with you and add water or nut milk later on. Shake and drink. It’s that easy to have a great tasting meal shake and avoid the lure of fast food. You’ll be amazed at how soon your weight will start to drop once you commit to the Lyfe Fuel shake plan.

Habit #4: Smoking Cigarettes

Who still smokes? The cost alone should be enough to deter you from smoking, but you’re hooked. We get it. You should try an electronic cigarette. From CIGAVETTE comes a full line of rechargeable e-cigs that are so much better for you than traditional cigarettes that are full of tar and carcinogenic chemicals. Do you body a favor and just try the electronic cigarettes. They offer rechargeable vaporizers too that will help you kick the traditional cigarette habit. So make the change today and move to a product that is better for your body in every way.

Habit #3: Drinking Too Much

There is a line between drinking too much and having an occasional cocktail with friends. If you find that nightly glass of wine turns into multiple glasses, it may be time to consider what you are doing to your body. Wine, liquor, and beer are essentially empty calories. If you have fitness and wellness goals you aren’t meeting, it may be time to evaluate how much alcohol you’re drinking. It may be causing you to hold onto weight or even gain weight in the first place. Try to keep it to 1-3 drinks per week at the most for a healthier lifestyle. If you find that you’re leaning on alcohol as a stress reliever, that’s a problem. Talk to a therapist or lifestyle coach that can help you deal with situations in your life that are bothering you.

Habit #2: Not Exercising

You have to get moving! It’s the only way combined with a healthy eating plan and Lyfe Fuel daily fitness shakes to have that beach ready body. If you are struggle to go to the gym or workout on a regular basis, here’s the key. Get a buddy to workout with you. When you make plans to meet up with a friend to workout or take a class, you are less likely to bail on that plan. Your friend will be counting on you, which keeps you accountable for working out. There won’t be so many skipped gym days with a buddy. Plus, you can even vary up your workout by going for long speed walks, doing an activity together like basketball or tennis, and even just going for a jog together. It’s much more fun to be fit with a friend.

Habit #1: A Negative Attitude

Having a negative attitude won’t get you anywhere in life. If you find that you’re being a negative Nancy or Ned all the time, you’d be surprised at how much this will stop you from living your best life. Kick it. Throw that negative attitude right out the door. You can think your way to happiness and it can be a conscious choice. You just have to make it. Be positive and great things will happen for you.

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