Incredibly Challenging Bodyweight Only Workout!

You won’t be disappointed with this routine! These moves are intense and dynamic. You will be literally hitting every single area of your body: abs, arms, back, chest, legs and tush. You will need a timer, you have a 15 second rest then 45 seconds of work. There is no shame in modifying! Start strong and as you tire adjust to continue the move in the most quality version you can perform. Aim for completing this 2-3 times for you advanced athletes. Feel free to take a 2-3 minute break between sets. Beginners complete 1 full round. If you feel inspired go for another! For all of you keep pushing yourself to do another round, then another! The more you do the more advanced you become! 

Here are the moves:

Krav Burpees — This killer move combines the burpee with Krav Maga hand strikes to help firm arms.
Elbow Up Hip Twist — This arms and abs exercise will tone the triceps and challenge the core.
Squat Jump Touch-Downs (with Tuck) — This move shapes the legs and is a conditioning challenge as well.
One-Arm Mountain Climbers (Each Arm) — Helps tone abs and lose body fat.
Double High Knees — Great cardio weight loss move!
Rope Pulls — This body-weight exercise challenges the abs like none other.


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