Kettlebell Leg Blaster!

leg blaster workout

Develop power and strength with this workout. It may be good to invest in a kettlebell. When purchasing you will want to choose a heavier bell especially when using it for a leg workout. Proper form is crucial here because you don’t want to hurt your lower back. When you swing the kettlebell up really push through/pop your hips. Let the kettlebell swing back on its own – gravity will bring it down. Bend your knees to slow down the kettlebell on the return.

You will be surprised if you are new to this – you will be out of breath in no time. Yes your legs will be burning and firing – so will your core and shoulders.

Here are the moves:

Kettlebell Swing
Sumo Squats
Kettlebell Lunge
Single-Leg Modified Squat
Heel Drop
Bulgarian Split Squat



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