Low Carb & GF Breaded Chicken Dippers!

Low-Carb GF Breaded Chicken Dippers
  1. 1 large or two medium chicken breast (see Note 1 below)
  2. 1/4 cup of flax mix (see Note 2 below)
  3. 1/2 cup of ground almonds
  4. 1 large fresh egg
  5. Herbamere or salt to taste +/- any additional herbs you may want to throw in there (i.a. dried basil, dried parsley, dried rosemary, dried sage)
  1. 1. Slice your chicken breast into 1-inch ‘fingers’ or ‘shapes.’ You could cut them into round ‘blobs’ as well if what you want to go the "nugget" route.
  2. 3. Dip the chicken into the egg to coat it and then dip the egg-coated chicken into the other bowl (the one with the flax etc).
  3. 4. Bake, ideally on a grilling pan (something like this), at 180 C (around 350 F) for around 20 minutes or until your chicken has cooked through in the middle.
  4. 5. Presto! You’re done.
  1. 1. I used these premium chicken breast fillers ones from Muscle Food UK to make this recipe. If you want to get some too, don’t forget to use our exclusive code for 10% off! Find it in the ‘News’ section of the Protein Pow App.
  2. 2. To ‘bread’ my chicken breasts, I used this flax mix (available here if you’re in the US). You could use this one too. Or this one. Or, if you don’t have a flax mix at your disposal, go ahead and use regular milled flaxseed (the flax mixes just add a lot of extra flavor).
  3. Macros per serving (out of three): 280kcals, 27g protein, 4g carbs (2g of it being fiber so net carbs: 2g!) and 17g fat.
Adapted from Protein Pow
Adapted from Protein Pow
Eat Fit Fuel https://eatfitfuel.com/
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