Nordic Walking: An Exciting New Method to Walk Your Way to Better Health

Nordic Walking

The health benefits of walking are well-known, and walking remains one of the most common forms of exercise across the world. As simple and straightforward as walking for exercise is, though, there are ways to get even more benefits out of your routine walk. 

One method of walking that is quickly gaining international popularity thanks to its ability to burn more calories and exercise more muscles than normal walking is Nordic walking. If you would like to get as much benefit as possible out of your walking routine, Nordic walking is certainly worth trying out. 

What is Nordic Walking?  

Originally developed as a summer training routine for cross-country skiers, Nordic walking involves using specialized walking sticks to pull yourself along as you walk. While normal walking only works out your lower body, Nordic walking is able to work out your upper body as well, enabling you to exercise more muscles and burn more calories during the same time period. In fact, an article published in the Harvard Health Letter states that Nordic walking is able to burn between 18% to 67% more calories than normal walking. 

How to Get Started Nordic Walking

The only equipment you will need to participate in Nordic walking is a pair of Nordic poles, which can be purchased online or in many sporting goods stores. These specialized poles come equipped with a built-in gloves that enable you to transmit power to poles via your palms and pull yourself along as you walk. 

Once you’ve purchased a pair of Nordic poles, there are a couple of Nordic walking techniques that you will be able to choose from. The first technique is called “double poling” and entails planting both poles in front of you symmetrically, pulling yourself forward with both poles as you walk until the poles are level with your feet again. The second technique is called “single poling” and entails mimicking the motion of your feet with your poles, pulling yourself forward one pole at a time in rhythm with your stride. Armed with a pair of Nordic poles and your choice of two Nordic walking techniques, you now have everything you need to get started Nordic walking – and thanks to the calorie burning and muscle-building benefits of Nordic walking as well as its entertainment value compared to normal walking, this is one activity that you should certainly consider trying out for yourself.    

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