Popular Drinks Worse than Sodas

Any health industry professional, enthusiast, or even novice will preach the terrible nature of sodas. The sugar and calorie content that can pack on the pounds! However, there are a few drinks even worse out there that slip through under the radar, masquerading as better alternatives to soda. I thought it would be important to share these drinks that you should probably avoid to keep on the health & fitness track.

  • Arizona Iced Tea:Screen-Shot-2015-04-23-at-2.34.46-PM-137x320
    This is one of the most popular non-soda drinks out there, and they are everywhere! I myself used to have one almost every day! But if you look closely at the nutritional label, you’ll see some astounding facts. First of all, there are 3 servings in every can. You may not have realized that one can is not one serving, and who saves 2/3 of an open can? That means triple the sugar (approx. 45 grams) & triple the calories (150-270 per can).
  • Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino:
     These small bottles of “coffee” are far from the cup of joe you are getting in-store. Packed with sugar (over 30 grams), some saturated fat, and calories, this drink is sure to put a halt to your weight loss goals.
  • Jamba Juice Smoothies:
    While I maintain that Jamba Juice has come a long way from the candy-style originals (which still are on the menu) and added kale, spinach, and other super greens to the menu, the drinks still could put you into a diabetic coma! Almost nothing but sugar, even the smallest size smoothie can boast over 210calories and 40 grams of sugar. Want to know something scary? A large PB Chocolate Love smoothie has 35 grams of fat, 121 grams of carbs (89 grams of sugar) and clocks in at 870 calories!
  • Snapple:
    They may claim that Snapple is made “from the best stuff on earth” but if you take a look at the bottle’s label, you’ll find that might not be the case. Like Arizona Iced Tea, the nutritional label shows the amounts for one serving, but the bottle is two! A 16oz bottle weighs in at 160 calories and 39 grams of sugar
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