Prescription for Stress & Anxiety: Cuddling!

As the weather changes and we start to see colder weather, there has never been a better reason for getting close to the ones you love! In recent studies, researchers have found that cuddling can have major effects on ones mental and biochemical health… and the best part is, it’s free!

What makes cuddling so awesomely healthy? Well, it all starts with the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, as well as helping you mentally feel connected to others. It also boosts your immune system because you literally feel too good to get sick. It’s all about a positive mindset! Along with boosting your immune system, oxytocin also can help relieve pain. Think about it, if your thigh hurts you rub it right? Well cuddling is like a full body pain rub.

For women, cuddling helps create a deeper bond and strengthen relationships, especially with their babies. The release of oxytocin relaxes mothers to help with breastfeeding, as well as helping them sleep. So cuddle up to those newborns mamas!

Oxytocin also helps you relieve social anxiety and stress. As this hormone is released, you literally have a more positive outlook on the world, so next time you’re at a party where you only know the host, get a hug in right at the door and you will feel more confident and sociable going in.

Finally, cuddling helps with heart disease. That same oxytocin is at it again. Less stress, less anxiety, and lower blood pressure means a healthier heart. Whether it’s for quick relief or a lasting relationship, cuddling has some serious pull in making you feel better!

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