Slim Hips & Toned Outer Thighs!

If you are all about rocking those shorts this Summer, this routine is for you! Today we focus on slimming out our hips and toning those outer thighs and your side booty! This side butt workout only contains 3 exercises but they are some of the most effective moves when you want how to lose hip fat. Today’s hips butt n thighs workout can be done with no weight or very high weight depending on your fitness level. Remember that if you really want to hit your goals, you will have to be smart when eating. Limit your sugar intake, eat real food, know your portion sizes and stay within your daily calorie goal. Download an app to track everything you eat! Being accountable is the way to see success!

There are 3 exercises in this side booty workout. You’ll do the hip thrust for 10 reps, the single leg hip thrust for 10 reps each leg, and the froggie for 30 reps. If you are a beginner, try each of the moves in this slim hips workout before attempting the whole workout. If you are more advanced you can definitely try 2-3 rounds of this side butt workout. 

Here are the moves:

1) Hip Thrust – 10 reps
2) Single Leg Hip Thrust – 10 reps each leg
3) Froggie – 30 reps



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