Soylent: Nutrition in a Bottle


Quick note… sometimes we’ll write a about a product that’s making the waves in the fitness world to keep you in-the-know! Our reviews are 100% our own opinions and are not paid ads.

Before we get going, let me please remind you that nothing beats the wholesome and varied nutrients from organic natural foods. That being said, sometimes we find it difficult to get all the micronutrients we need throughout the day, especially when the day is busy or we’re traveling. So, that brings me to Soylent! If you haven’t heard of this healthy, nutrient-packed drink started right here in the USA, you might be surprised to find it is turning quite a few heads in the health industry. Essentially, it is a meal substitute engineered to “deliver all essential nutrients and provide an even release of energy” (

Soylent is an all-rounder, with healthy fats, 20 grams protein, and carbohydrates combining to be a substantial meal. Unlike a lot of meal-replacement drinks, Soylent doesn’t have the sugary, hi carb traits of so many big branded versions. Also, with 21 grams of healthy fats (only 2 of which are saturates), it will keep you satiated a lot longer than it’s “low fat” alternative.

In addition to being a great source of macronutrients, Soylent boasts one-fifth of all your daily micronutrients. From chromium to manganese, you’re getting 20% of all the vitamins and minerals that may get left if you’re not careful.

Now I’m not saying this drink is a solution to all your nutritional problems, or that you should jump on it and start chugging away at them, however knowing options for when you are on the go or simply not able to get in all its and mins you need is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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