The 10: Fighting Food Cravings

This week’s installment of The 10 is all about fighting off the cravings inspired by all the leftovers from Thanksgivings and the sweet treats hitting the shelves for Christmas. In the cold winter weather, sometimes a bakery stop or drive-thru can seem so tempting, especially after  long morning or during the mid-afternoon slump. However, we here at EatFitFuel have put together a list on 10 great ways to stave off craving the wrong things.

  1. Social Media Surfing – I’m not a massive fan of this one but the factual evidence is solid making it a pretty strong choice for curbing cravings. Looking at Facebook or Instagram can make you think about your own body and goals based on the photos and postings of your friends or motivators and personal heroes.
  2. Smell Essential Oils – Rubbing essential oils, such as peppermint, on your hands and taking a big whiff can not only curb your food cravings but bolster your alertness and energy as well.
  3. Take A Nap – Taking a page out of your kids’ playbook and having a quick nap can satisfy your food cravings by reminding your body that it’s tired, not hungry. Not to mention, taking a nap can rejuvenate your energy levels.
  4. Snack on Sugarfree Gum – Gum is a great way to make you think you’re eating and satiate your craving without actually indulging. If you haven’t been to your local store recently, there is a massive amount of flavors to choose from in order to get your cravings under control.
  5. Exercise – This is one of those double-whammy positive solutions. Exercising will help to put your mind off food as well as send you on your way to your fitness goals.
  6. Sip on Hot Tea or Water – Hot drinks, like tea and boiling water, can help satiate your hunger in a few ways. Drinking helps your stomach to think you are eating as well as it keeps your mind off food by giving you mouth, body , and mind something to focus on. Avoid the sugary, carb, and fat heavy hot drinks like mochas and caramel lattes.
  7. Write it Out – Literally sit down and write a list of 20 reasons you should have that food. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll move past the craving before hitting number ten as it is hard to think of 20 reasons to indulge.
  8. Get In Touch – When craving something, instead of focusing on the food you ultimately are trying to avoid, use the time to catch up with an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  9. Plan Your Meals – Strangely, thinking about food can be a great snack-avoidance technique, if done well. When you’re craving something, try planning out the meals you’ll be having for the rest of the week. Thinking about your responsible eating habits and the healthy foods in your meals can sway you from ruining your meal plan and progress with an indulgent snack.
  10. Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Step in front of a mirror naked. Seeing the progress you have made, and thinking about the work you have done is one of the strongest deterrents from snacking. You have stuck to your plan, been working out, why ruin that with a Snickers you don’t really need. You’ve worked too hard to stop now!
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