6 Best Weight Gain Shakes For Bulking-Up in 2022

weight gain shakes

Gaining weight can be a daunting task, especially for anyone with a high metabolism. If you’re looking to bulk up to gain muscle or to reach a healthy weight, making use of weight gain shakes can be crucial to gaining weight in a short time frame. 

While there are several different body types and protein powders, this list covers a general variety of them to help you understand their specific benefits. That said, to stay healthy, making sure you have the weekly required amount of cardio and strength training is vital.

While there are various ways to put on weight, making use of shakes is practical to drink on the go. When it comes to increasing your calorie intake one of the cumbersome aspects is the fact that it takes too much time to prepare high-calorie meals, which is why weight gain shakes are so convenient.

What is A Weight Gain Shake?

Weight gain shakes are drinks that contain protein powder and calorie-rich ingredients to help individuals looking to bulk up or gain weight. Weight gain shakes can be homemade or a product packaged protein powder or mass gainer. That said, opting for weight gain shakes that also contain protein powder can help you get protein, nutrients, and fiber in your diet.

However, the type of weight gain shake you choose depends on your diet, budget, and nutritional requirements. This article goes over various types of weight gain shakes to help you make the best decision.

Types of Protein for Weight Gain

When it comes to types of protein available for weight gain, casein, and whey protein are two of the more popular choices. Whey protein is the most popular choice for bodybuilders looking to gain muscle from workouts. 

That said, whey isn’t good at maintaining your appetite as it’s broken down and absorbed faster. Casein, on the other hand, is something your body tends to absorb slower, so this means you feel full for longer which is practical if your workout routines are less strenuous and if you have long gaps in between workouts. 

That said, whey is more dissolvable while casein can get clumpy in liquids. For anyone looking to gain muscle or put on weight, the idea is that you must consume more protein and calories than what’s used by your body on a daily basis. 

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4 Benefits of Weight Gain Shakes 

weight gain
4 Health Benefits of Weight Gain Shakes

Besides helping you build your muscles and helping you bulk up, protein has several other benefits some of the major ones we’ve gone ahead and listed below:

1. Contains High-Quality Casein and Whey Protein 

For anyone looking to put on weight, making use of casein and whey protein are excellent sources of protein for putting on weight and muscle. While there are various other ways to put on weight, making use of casein and whey protein ensures that your body absorbs high-quality protein to help rebuild and add muscle mass.  

2. High Carbohydrates

Meeting your caloric requirements is challenging when you must meet a caloric surplus. Luckily, if you need to increase the number of carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis, making sure that your protein or weight gain shakes come with a reasonable amount of carbohydrates can help ensure you retain body mass when doing more core and cardio-centric exercises. 

Besides this, for anyone on the go, having many calories in your shake can help ensure that your meals on the go keep you energized and with healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day.

3. Helps with Muscle Growth and Repair

For anyone with anemia, protein, or iron deficiency, protein shakes are especially beneficial. While there are several different types of weight gain shakes for users to choose from, when it comes to muscle growth and repair, protein shakes are the best choice. 

Besides that, casein can help significantly when reinforcing existing muscle tissue and with weight retention.

4. Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber

Vitamins and minerals are crucial to keep in your best shape. A deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals can result in conditions such as scurvy, night blindness, or anemia. Besides nutrients, making sure that your diet has a sufficient amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber is a factor in your overall digestive health. 

While it is easy to get carried away with calories and protein present in your diet on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure that you consume an adequate amount of fiber and nutrients to keep your body and your organs functioning properly.

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6 Best Weight Gain Shakes for Bulking Up in 2022

1. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein Powder

weight gain
6 Best Weight Gain Shakes for Bulking Up in 2022

Loaded with 1,280 calories and with 52 grams of protein per serving, this mass gainer is an excellent option for anyone that has a tight schedule. When it comes to weight gain, one of the most challenging aspects is meeting your caloric intake on a daily basis. 

With Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Protein Powder, your weight gain shakes mix easily and come with 17 vitamins and minerals for a balanced nutritional experience. This is suitable for individuals with a fast metabolism and is one of the best weight-gain shakes for anyone looking to build muscle.

Nutritional Facts
Protein52 grams
Carbohydrates 252 grams

2. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

weight gain
Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

When it comes to clean calories loaded with protein, this choice from Transparent labs is an excellent choice. While there are several mass gainers that deliver on calories, this option from transparent labs helps individuals gain lean muscle mass without the unwanted fat. 

With protein derived from grass-fed whey concentrate, this weight-gain shake comes with 760 calories and 53 grams of protein. For anyone looking to bulk up the clean way, this mass gainer from Transparent Labs is one of the best options available.

Nutritional Facts
Protein53 grams
Carbohydrates 114 grams

3. Gatorade Super Shake

weight gain
Gatorade Super Shake

When it comes to weight gain shakes that are ready to go, this super shake from Gatorade is a compact and convenient choice. With over 30 grams of protein, this beverage offers individuals 180 calories making it perfect for pre or post-workouts. 

While there are several different shakes on the market, this option from Gatorade is an excellent choice to have in between meals to help ensure that your weight gain shake does not completely ruin your appetite.

Nutritional Facts
Protein30 grams
Carbohydrates11 grams

4. Premier Protein Shake

weight gain
Premier Protein Shake

Weight gain shakes that you insert into your daily diet are quite practical. While you may feel obligated to choose high calories and high protein, it’s better to slowly and gradually increase your protein and caloric intake. 

Premier Protein is lighter than most of the other options, as this weight gain shake comes with 30 grams of protein and only 160 calories. When working out, muscle repair depends entirely on your protein. So, for anyone looking to bulk up with a minimal change to their diet, this option from Premier is an excellent choice.

Nutritional Facts
Protein30 grams
Carbohydrates5 grams

5. Rival Nutrition Clean Gainer

weight gain
Rival Nutrition Clean Gainer

To experience the full spectrum of protein, Clean Gainer from Rival Nutrition is an excellent source of calories and protein. With essential fats from various sources like sunflower seeds, flax, and avocados, you also get healthy fats that are beneficial for your digestive system and brain functioning. 

With an impressive 560 calories per serving, this weight-gain shake is the right choice for individuals who engage in physical activity or go to the gym on a regular basis. This is perfect for muscle recovery and high-energy activities, this mass gainer comes with 30 grams of protein.

Nutritional Facts
Protein30 grams
Carbohydrates90 grams

6. Pro Gainer – High-Protein Weight Gainer

weight gain
Pro Gainer – High-Protein Weight Gainer

For individuals looking to transition to a more protein-centric diet to gain lean mass, Pro Gainer is an option you need not second guess. It comes with a variety of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium. This weight-gain shake is an excellent option for individuals whose meals have little or limited nutritional value. 

This protein powder comes with an impressive 60 grams of protein per serving and 82 carbohydrates to ensure that you retain your progress thus far. It is available in two different flavors, so this choice from ON mixes easily helps with muscle recovery.

Nutritional Facts
Protein60 grams
Carbohydrates82 grams

Conclusion – Best Weight Gain Shakes for Bulking Up in 2022

With the varied number of weight gain powders available in the market creating weight gain shakes may seem daunting. That said, there are various different ways to prepare protein powder in making your weight gain shakes.

 It’s worth keeping in mind these weight gain shakes are supplements to your meals and don’t function as meal replacement shakes. While there are several different options to choose from, making sure that you keep your protein and caloric intake at the right level is crucial. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do protein shakes increase your cholesterol?

No, so long as you consume the recommended amount and get an adequate amount of exercise. Besides this, most studies conducted indicate that whey and soy protein leads to loss of fat and lower cholesterol levels. If you have concerns about how losing fat is good for bulking up, whey protein still helps retain and build muscle mass.

Are making use of weight gain shakes unhealthy?

No, so long as you use them as supplements and not completely replace meals on a regular basis, making use of protein shakes is harmless. That said, for individuals with gluten or lactose intolerance, consuming whey and casein-based weight gain shakes can cause discomfort and nausea.

For anyone just starting out, it’s best recommended that you consume an additional 300 to 500 calories per day, to gain weight at a healthy pace. 

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