5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Go To The Gym

It’s a problem practically everyone faces. You live a busy life, we get it. You want to do it, but finding the time and energy is somehow an issue. The gym. Getting motivated to go on a regular basis isn’t easy. After a hard day of work, when you just want to go home to binge your favorite show on Netflix, the gym loses its allure fast. So what’s the best way to keep yourself motivated? Here are the top 5 cool tricks to get your butt to the gym, when you need a little extra motivation.


Trick #5: Put On Your Workout Clothes When You Get Up
Obviously this only works when you don’t have to wear work clothes for your job, but putting your best athletic leisure outfit on in the morning will allow you to gear yourself up to going to the gym. If you don’t have some cute workout clothes, it’s time to get some that you’ll look forward to wearing as well. Buy high quality pieces that will last. Plus, if you’ve been wearing the same worn out sports bra for a few years, it’s time to invest in a quality one that will truly support you during your Zumba hip hop pilates class.


Trick #4: Bribe Yourself

Bribery works for everyone, not just your four-year-old niece that you are trying to get out of the toy aisle. Promise yourself some kind of reward after your workout. Maybe it’s a new lipgloss, a single french macaroon, or your favorite celebrity magazine. Looking forward to some special treat will motivate you to get your workout accomplished.


Trick #3: Make A Workout Date With A Buddy

You are much less likely to cancel a workout plan, if you have promised to do it with a friend. Disappointing your buddy or canceling at the last minute is not cool. That way you’ll also have a friend to talk with while working out, which sometimes makes it go much faster.


Trick #2: Pre-Pay For Classes

Sometime investing the old mighty dollar will motivate you to go to the gym for a class. No one likes losing money, so pre-paying for a batch of classes will hopefully keep you going. The idea of wasting money is a great motivator for most people. If you’re filthy rich, it probably won’t matter to you, but most people live at or above their means anyway, so this technique really works for the money conscious.


Trick #1: Buy A Fitness Tracker

Seeing your actual progress in black and white on your smartphone with an app makes a world of difference. It’s fun to track your progress with a FitBit or other activity tracker, like a smart watch. Either way, you’ll be more invested in your fitness when you can see how well you’re doing.

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