10 Minute Abs

10 Minute Abs

Miki is back for another 10BLAZT workout! This session focuses on showing you how to tighten up your stomach and maintain great looking abs.

Video Transcript

It’s easy to do 10BLAZT workout every day.

Let’s do this. Hi, ladies. It’s Mikki here again. We’re in this park nearby my office. Today, I’m going to do a 10BLAZT workout, focus on my stomach. Trying to get that beach body before summer. Yes.

This 10BLAZT workout is very easy, fast, quick, effective. Most important, it’s very motivating. I don’t like to go to the gym. There’s so many reps and [inaudible 00:01:16] and heavy weights. That’s not for me. So 10BLAZT workout, I can do every day and anywhere, and in just 10 minutes of my time. So it’s easy for me.

Today, we are going to do a abs workout. You only need to bring the mat and the bands. That’s it. Five exercise in 10 minutes, two minute each. Let’s get started.

We going to warm up with plank. One minute before the workout, and one minute at the end. Remember, keep your back straight, core tight, shoulder 90 degree.

The second exercise, I going to start with the band. Put it at your ankle. Band scissor, two minutes. Activate your lower stomach.

Around your ankles. Two minutes nonstop. Oh, this is really difficult workout. My ab is burning. Remember this workout, make sure when your legs goes down, super slow.

Put the band around your ankles, two minutes. Core tight. Remember to breathe, and you try to open your knees as much as possible.

Next exercise, we going to do a functional plank. Two minutes, nonstop.

Okay, ladies, the last minute we going to finish with plank.

Whoo! I’m done. 10 minutes abs workout. I feel my stomach is burning. It’s really good. Only 10 minutes. And with the band and mat in the garden. 10BLAZT workout. Easy.

Today my 10 minute 10BLAZT workout is done. My abs feel so sore. Compared to the exercise people do in the gym, this 10BLAZT workout is more effective, motivative, fast and quick. I use the equipment that is very easy to carry and very effective. I can do it every day. Just 10 minutes anywhere, I can do it.

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