15 Minute Beginner HIIT Workout

Everybody starts somewhere, and today is especially designed for you beginners. Take this slowly and learn the movements. This HIIT workout will take you step by step through a real time 15 min HIIT workout. It’s got 14 moves in it, which makes it a great workout for beginners.

You’ll do each of the exercises for 30 seconds, moving onto the next without any rest. After you’ve done 4 exercises (or two minutes of work) you’ll get a 30 second rest.

There are modifications for each of the exercises, here are the moves:

1) Invisible Jump Ropes
2) Lateral Hops
3) Butt Kicks
4) Arm Circles (Forward and Backward)
5) Squat Touches
6) Core Kickouts
7) Regressed Pushups
8) Regressed Burpees
9) Squat Press
10) Two Arm Row
11) Curl Tricep Extension
12) Alternating Back Lunge to Overhead Raise
13) Light Jump Squats
14) Speed Skaters



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