3 Simple Nutrition Tips for 6-Pack Abs

The elusive six-pack abs. We’ve all seen them – most likely, as in my case on other people, and I suspect some of us want a few packs, maybe not even all! Here are a few tips I found courtesy of StyleCraze.



⁃    You must eat small meals every day. You can always divide your meals in four to six parts but this must consist of whole foods.
⁃    These meals should not contain protein shakes or bars.
⁃    The meals must contain 500 calories in total.
⁃    Eating small meals will keep the metabolism of the body at a high rate.
⁃    This way you will also not feel the hunger pangs throughout the day and will be able to concentrate on your effort of dieting.
⁃    You should also remember that just dieting will not get you those fabulous six pack abs, you will also have to follow an exercising routine.
⁃    You must avoid eating packaged food items because they contain sodium, trans-fat and refined flour.
⁃    The total number of calories that you consume every day will be calculated according to your body weight, fat loss and type of activity.


⁃    You must consume at least 80 ounces of water every day
⁃    Water therapy is best to include in diet plan for six pack abs
⁃    Water will flush out the toxins and fat cells from your body
⁃    It is very important to release excess sodium from your body and water helps you do just that
⁃    You will suffer from water retention and bloating if you do not drink enough water throughout the day!


⁃    You should maintain a balance of the ratio of the macronutrients in each meal.
⁃    Concentrate on eating the lean proteins, healthy oil, and complex starch in your diet every day.
⁃    The lean protein can consist of fish, egg whites, and chicken breasts etc.
⁃    Olive oil, avocados and nuts are some healthy oils that you can consume each day.
⁃    The starches that you eat must contain green leafy vegetables, and a small amount of whole grains.
⁃    20 gram of protein should be present in each meal that you eat. This is because a human body cannot digest more than that amount of protein and any excess in your body will be converted to fat.
⁃    You must eat your carbohydrates early in the day or just before your workout times so that they can be burned off easily.
⁃    Food products like brown rice, multi-grain bread, and quinoa are healthy options in diet plan for six pack abs
⁃    Even though you are trying to lose fat from your body you must understand that the basic functions of the body depend on the amount of fat and vitamins that you consume daily.
⁃    Vitamins A, D, E, and K are absolutely necessary for your body. Thus you must eat fat each day too.

**Get a great exercise regime going as well. These abs need exercise to help them surface!

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