How to: 30-20-10 HIIT Workout in 12 Minutes

There’s a long list of benefits when it comes to HIIT workout… they improve your athletic performance and cardiovascular health, boost your metabolism for hours afterwards and most workouts take very little time to complete. For example, this 30-20-10 HIIT workout is completed in just 12 minutes. But, don’t confuse “time” with “difficulty” because this workout is INTENSE!

The 30-20-10 is easy enough to remember. After your warm-up, start with a jog (or elliptical machine, row, or even spin). Do this for 30 seconds at a moderate, but comfortable speed.

Next, pick up the pace with a hardy run for 20 seconds. lastly, do an all-out sprint for the last 10 seconds. This is where the HIIT really comes in. We are talking about a full-blown, fast-as-possible, SPRINT! If you’re not running at max speed, you’re not in the “HIIT” zone.

And that’s just one circuit that takes only one minute to complete. Now, repeat that 5 times!

At this point, you’re only half way done, but catch your breath by slowing it down for 2 minutes. A light jog or even a solid-paced walk is perfect here.

Finally, circle back around and do the circuit 5 more times and you’re done! 12 minutes  in total!


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