5-Day Workout Challenge: Friday

Day 5 of our 5-Day Workout Challenge! It’s been a fun series we think! Today’s the last day of out 5-Day Workout Challenge, so why not add some last minute upgrades! Why not make the run a 2 miler? Bonus move, why not do 10 Plank Shoulder Touches. Those can be executed by getting into Plank pose, shoulders over hands, butt tucked, hips inline with spine, eyes gazing just above your mat. Touch your right shoulder with your left hand then your left shoulder with your right hand. The trick to performing this correctly is to not turn your body when your hand moves to touch your shoulder. Core tight as can be the entire time, 1 round counts with a right, then left touch. Fun!!

Let us know if you like this and if you have any requests for workouts you’d like to see!

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Run 1 mile – Why  not make it 2 miles?
**bonus – Add in 10 Plank Shoulder Touches!
20 Burpees
30 Sumo Squats
40 Lunge Mountain Climbers
50 Jumping Jacks

Did you miss  Thursday? Here it is…


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