5 Reasons a Glass of Red Wine is Good for You

We are not talking about going crazy here, but one glass of wine a night may give you more health benefits than you realized. And here are some of the reasons some scientific studies are discussing on the topic of these delicious fermented grapes. Enjoy!

  • Heart health: Want to reduce the risk of heart disease? The Antioxidants in red wine (called flavonoids) have been shown to do just that by lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increasing the, guess what??? The production of good cholesterol!! What red wine has the most flavonoids, Cabernet Sauvignon (according to some Northern California scientists). You can check out your local Trader Joe’s for great deals on Cabs along with other red varietals such as Merlot an Pinot Noir.
  • Depression: We all know excessive drinking is extremely bad for one’s physical and mental health, but drinking one glass of red wine a day may create the exact opposite effect. Moderate drinkers were discovered to suffer less likely from depression than excessive drinkers.
  • Gut check: Yogurt isn’t the only item that increases good levels of bacteria. Drinking red wine can give your digestive tract a healthy gut check.
  • Fat lose: Piceatannol, in a lab study, has the ability to blocks the cells that form fat. This is a compound found in red wine. Currently there are new studies at how this compound aids in us sliming down.
  • Memory function: Lowering Alzheimer’s risks: things like nuts, tea and cocoa have something called Polyphenols. Polyphenols have recently been termed “lifespan essentials”. They are antioxidants from plant foods that actively work in the body to help prevent certain types disease building blocks from taking shape within the body. Red wine is a Polyphenol-rich beverage.
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