Burn Extra Calories without Exercise!

You don’t always have to hit the gym to burn calories and get a great workout. Believe it or not, household chores, playing with the kids and even cooking dinner can add up to burning extra calories. Here’s a sample of how many calories you can burn with these everyday tasks.


Housework (30 minutes): 100 calories

Chasing/Playing with kids (30 minutes): 135 calories


Cooking (30 minutes): 90 calories

Playing catch (30 minutes): 86 calories

Shooting baskets (30 minutes): 163 calories

Handball (30 minutes): 410 calories


Washing the car (30 minutes): 150 calories

Walking the dog (30 minutes): 108 calories


Shopping (30 minutes): 80 calories

Playing guitar (30 minutes): 108 calories

Bowling (30 minutes): 125 calories

Visit this site to search other activities or enter your age, height and weight for a more accurate count of calories burned.

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