The Benefits Your Muscles Need From Foam Rolling

Foam Roller

When you are an active person, sometimes your muscles can be sore. This naturally happens to practically everyone after a killer workout. One of the best ways to treat this at home yourself is with a foam roller. A foam roller is an exercise device that is used for massage and fitness. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and densities. Choosing the right one for your own needs is easy to do. The general guideline is that the harder the foam roller, the deeper the massage. They basically come in soft, medium, and firm. Go a little softer if you like a more gentle massaging touch and progress up as you get used to the routine of foam rolling. Here’s how your muscles can benefit from a foam rolling routine to counteract soreness.


It Can Increase Your Range Of Motion Before A Workout

People who started out their workouts with a good foam rolling stretch had a wider range of motion during their workout. It increases your muscle range by a whopping 20 percent! That’s significant. Take a look at some videos on how this can benefit you before a workout. This is a great basic video on beginner movements with the foam roller to get that amazing range of motion you are looking for.


Use It After To Get Muscles Back To Their Regular Form

After a hard day’s work or a tough workout, you are naturally going to have some tight and sore muscles. The foam roller works out all the knots and kinks that can be knotting up your muscles. The foam roller smoothes those right out, so your muscles can return to their regular relaxed form.

This works in the shoulder area, lower back, and arms to name a few places you want to incorporate foam rolling into. Overall once you get into the rhythm of using one everyday, it’s like having your own personal massage therapist in your home. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than having a massage at a fancy spa or wellness center.

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