8 Minute Target Triceps

Looking to feel better in that tank top? The solution is here and now. These are some of the best exercises to nail your triceps. You will be using resistance bands for this routine. Bands are awesome because you really cannot cheat the move as you can with dumbbells. Give this one a try and see for yourself!


Here are the toned arms exercises that make up this triceps workout for women:

1) Tricep Band Kickbacks (30 seconds)
2) Overhead Tricep Presses (30 seconds)
3) Tricep Pushbacks (30 seconds)
4) Reverse Grip One Arm Overhead Presses (15 seconds per arm)
5) Forward Bend Tricep Kickbacks (30 seconds)
6) Tricep Narrow Press (30 seconds)
7) Narrow Pushups (30 seconds)
8) Very Narrow Pushups (30 seconds)
9) Diamond Pushups (30 seconds)



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