9 Habits of Fit Women

1. Strength Trainingkettlebell-strength-training

There are so many reasons why women should spend more time lifting weights; from burning more calories to strengthening your bones, you’ll see start to see and feel the results almost instantly. However, many women are still intimidated by weight lifting and are in fear of bulking up too much, which just isn’t true.

2. Mix It Up

If you haven’t heard yet (we’d be surprised!), hitting a workout plateau is the real deal. Doing the same routine over and over again will start to be less effective as time goes on, so try something new and mix up your routine now and again. You won’t regret it!

3. Drink Water

drink-more-waterIt may seem obvious, but unfortunately, it’s not. Most people are still not drinking enough water, especially those that workout regularly, despite the numerous scientific reports and health articles telling them otherwise. So, drink up!

4. Rest

Everyone needs a break, and the same is true for your body. Incorporate a “rest day” as part of your routine to ensure your body has ample time to recover from the grind of working out, otherwise you could seriously injure yourself and reduce the effectiveness of your workouts.

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