Best Tricep Exercises: Part 1

If you’re like me, you want toned triceps. I want defined arms. I like wearing sleeveless tank tops I also like wearing spaghetti strap dresses. I will put in the work at the gym and eat well if I know that the effort I am exerting is going to show the newly toned kimono arm, or bat wings – or whatever you refer to triceps in transition as.

Here are 3 moves that I really like at this moment. I’ve got a few more to show you in the next few weeks.

Tricep Skull Crusher
Lie on a stability ball or a bench and extend both arms overhead, a weight in each hand.
1. Bend your elbows so your forearms are parallel to the floor.
2.  Slowly straighten your arms, then lower them to the starting position.

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Side Push Ups
Lie on your side, knees bent or extended. Wrap the arm closest to the ground around your torso. Place your other arm close to the shoulder on the ground. Now push up. Your torso will come up off the ground hinging at the hip. Lower up and down.

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Triangle Push Ups
This one is intense. You are just going to get into standard push up form – you can do this from your knees – you are going to make a triangle with your hands directly under your chest. That’s it!

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