Boost Yourself Out of the Afternoon Slump

Sure, there’s coffee in the break room but that’ll be your 9th cup today! Of course energy drinks always work but only for bout half abhor and the crash from all that sugar and caffeine can make you worse off than you were before. So how can you get over that afternoon slump effectively, without hitting the fridge or medicine cabinet? EatFitFuel has put together a few smart and economical ways to keep your mind productive and energized to finish your work day strong.

Get Full On Fiber

By making your breakfast and lunch rich with fiber, you create a more sustained energy in your body, avoiding the blood sugar spike and crash so famous from low to no fiber meals. Keeping your tummy full and satiated keep your mind on work and focused.

  • Suggestion: Try a whole grain toast with eggs, or a three-bean salad to punch up your fiber intake.

Snack Successfully

Food is fuel, there’s no arguing that. But making sure you are getting the right fuel is key to making it through that dreary afternoon of meetings. Having protein and fiber rich snack means you feel full, but more importantly, you are loading yourself up with sustained energy that will keep you going without finding yourself at the snack machine 20 minutes later.

  • Suggestion: Handful of almonds, trail mix, or lean low-sodium turkey jerky.

Bust A Move

Ok… dancing in the middle of a work day may not be the right call, but staying mobile and active certainly is! Taking a short walk, even a lap around the office or building, will cost your energy and keep you from getting too stiff or lackadaisical. A study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered that a 10 minute walk does more to boost your energy than a candy bar. My waistline will thank me for that!

  • Suggestion: Walk around your building every couple of hours, or if that’s too inconspicuous, try getting up and grabbing a quick drink of water then taking a different route back to your desk.

Gimme A Break

Avoid putting yourself over the edge by stepping away for a moment or two every now and then. LSU Researchers found that employees who are taking short breaks throughout the day work more quickly and productively. Now who couldn’t use a bit more of that?!

  • Suggestion: Use this tip in conjunction with the short walks suggested above. Release your mind from work for a couple of minutes as you take a stroll to revitalize your mind and body.
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