Healthy Packaged Foods

There is so much literature and advice out there telling you to avoid processed or packaged foods. I, myself, have written a few articles of the ways certain “healthy” packaged foods are nothing but a con. However, there are some packaged and canned foods that are not only healthy, but surefire ways to improve your health and save your wallet.

Here’s a list of some great “packaged” food options that should be a staple in every pantry or kitchen cabinet:

Canned Beans

beans-boost-metabolismThe benefits of beans can’t be understated. They are fantastic for weight loss, heart health, and even significant protein sources. But cooking them from raw can be a hassle and time consuming, especially when a good can of beans in the supermarket is extremely cheap and easy. I’m here to tell you that researchers and dietitians alike give cans of beans the ‘O.K.” Just make sure you look for the low sodium options and rinse those beans thoroughly.

Frozen Vegetables

Not even joking, frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as the fresh washed and chopped kind! I know, crazy right?! Dietitians suggest using them within a few weeks of buying them to make sure you get all those nutrients, as some can degrade over time. Also, a general tip for all you voracious veggie eaters, steam or microwave your veg because some nutrients are water soluble and lost in boiling.


3-soupsNow there is a bit of responsible shopping you must do here. Cartoned and canned soups can be extremely healthy and delicious, but you have to find the right ones. Too many are PACKED with sodium, fat, and cholesterol. Be on the lookout for non-condensed, organic, low sodium soups made with real vegetables and meat.

Tuna Fish (in water)

You probably have a couple of cans in your cabinets right now. Why? Because tuna is a classic tinned food that is healthy, cheap, and easy to use. High in protein, Omega-3, Vitamin D and B12, tuna is a no-brainer for the weekly grocery checklist.

Granola Bars

Again, there is a little bit of accountability when it comes to shopping for granola bars. Many are in fact, extremely unhealthy, with high sugars, saturates, and high fructose corn syrup. However, some of the more healthy granola bars pride themselves on being a delicious way to get in a serving of oats, nuts, and protein. Next time you’re out, flip over the box and look out for words you can’t pronounce and high fructose corn syrup. The more organic and natural, the better! Try Health Warrior Chia Bars or maybe Kind Bars.

So don’t be afraid to cut corners in the kitchen every now and then because now you have the low down on what ways to do it and still keep on the healthy path!

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