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With the upsurge in the fitness trends around the nation, gym gear and workout clothing has become dangerously close to focusing on style and bright colors than practical use. Never fear, just because you want gym gear that works on a functional level doesn’t mean you can’t put your own flavor into it.

So we’ve come up with some important aspects of fitness footwear that you should make sure are part of your shoe choice next time you need some new kicks.

Remember Comfort: Workout shoes used to be all about pronation and size of the foot, but research is showing an equal importance on making sure the shoe fits and fits well. Make sure your next shoes feel as good as they look (or even better).

Zoot Ultra Kane 3.0
Zoot Ultra Kane 3.0

Super Support: Making sure your shoes have the proper support is key to any exercise regime. Support in your shoes doesn’t just help your feet, but your whole body, especially the lower back.

Light Weight Warriors: Clunky shoes can create a major detriment to exercise because they can quite literally slow you down as well as make it more difficult to perform certain moves. Having a lighter shoe will mimic the effect of having no shoes on at all, releasing your body to fully engage in exercise rather than counteract the extra weight from a shoe.

Cushion for Pushin’: Cushioning and soft impact soles are a versatile benefit. Whether you’re running long distance or doing clean-and-presses, having a softer impact on the ground will help your back and joints from harm.

So those are the power 4 aspects of a GREAT workout shoe! Make sure your next pair has them! In the meantime here’s a few good options courtesy of Women’sHealth Magazine:

Colombia Conspiracy Vapor
Colombia Conspiracy Vapor

For runners:

  • Altra Olympus
  • Salomon X-Scream

Gym Heroes:

  • Colombia Conspiracy Vapor
  • Mizen Wave Rider 17
  • Asics Gel-Excel33 3
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