Core Based HIIT Workout!

This is a fun one! Give yourself about 45 minutes for this core centered workout that has an awesome HIIT component. The concept behind this is great as it moves in between both focuses. You will start here with a nice 5 minute warm up, and the video offers modifications for you beginners as well! Quite a few of these moves are new to me – which always brightens my day. I won’t lie, I had to modify a few of these – the Hook Knees – for example – but that’s ok, I stayed committed! Yes, you will be challenged, commit, apply yourself – why not visualize your goals and imagine you having completed the workout. Whatever it takes get it done. Have fun!


Here are the moves:

Hook Knee Sprints
Xs & Os
Rollie Pollies
Plank Knee Climbers
ISO Kick Burpees
Full V-Taps
Side Knee Climbers
Bicycle Crunches
Toe Tap Kicks
Scissor Heel Taps
Tap Ab Twists
Power Kick Burpees
Half Canons
Squat Ab Twists
Rolling V-Taps
Box Jugglers
Genie Pulses
180 Knee Sprints
High Heel Taps
Love Taps
Alt Toe Taps
Tri-Fly Sprints
Ball Crunches
Heavy Hitters
3-Way Situps
Sprinter Drills
Sprinter Abs
Standing Abs Twists
Gravity Climbers


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