Kettlebell Express Workout: 10 Minutes!

I always forget how challenging kettle bell routine are… I generally use a kettlebell between 15-23 pounds, but it  depends on the move. You will feel the burn in your arms, but remember to focus on your lower body.


Have Fun!

Here are the moves!

  • Squats with Bicep Curls & Shoulder Press: Sounds easy enough, sure, then add the kettlebell. Keep your form here. Core super tight, we don’t want you swinging back and forth which could hurt your low back.
  • Windmills: I love these! Awesome for your Quads and Obliques. I feel this in the moment and especially the next day.
  • Lunge + Row: Mega glute and leg work here along with sculpting your back!
  • Triceps: Please be careful, don’t arch your back.
  • Kettlebell Swings: Use your lower body power!
  • Push Up + Row with Mtn Climbers : Total body move here, core tight, your shoulders are going to be burning!
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