Do You Need to Wear a Sports Bra?

The answer is YES!  Any woman who participates in regular exercise should invest in a well-fitting sports bra. A good sports bra is just as important as the right pair of running shoes, yet 73% of women who exercise on a regular basis do not wear a sports bra. Read on to understand what makes your sports bra a great workout partner!sports-bras

  1. Help Prevent Sagging! Most of the female breast is made up of glandular tissue and fat, which is held in position by very delicate ligaments. Excessive movement of the breast, which occurs during exercise, causes strain on these ligaments. Over time, the ligaments will stretch, and in the long term, the breasts will begin to sag. Even if you have small breasts, exercise can cause a movement of 40mm away from the body. Once the ligaments stretch, there is no exercise that will return the breasts to their former position– yikes!  .Bottom line: the need for support during exercise is important no matter what size breasts you have.
  2. Ouch! Inadequate breast support (as in not wearing a good sports bra) leads to sore and tender breasts following exercise. Though many women mistakenly believe that an ordinary, everyday bra can provide the same support (I’m guilty!), studies have shown that breast movement is reduced by only 38% with a standard bra, as opposed to 74% when a sports bra is worn. If you exercise regularly, you should definitely invest in a sports bra in order to minimize the movement of your breasts during activity or exercise.
  3. New Moms, Take Note! As many nursing mamas know, it is recommended that you keep your bra on around the clock for both comfort and support. A sports bra is a great option, as it is much more comfortable to wear, allows easy boob access for your baby, and prevents the breasts from moving around during sleep. And hey, if you happen to fit a workout into your busy day (or even just a handful of squats!), your breasts will already be dressed for the occasion!


So ladies, do yourself a favor and purchase a well-fitting sports bra.  Be sure to try on a variety of styles/sizes to find one that provides support, and feels comfortable. Many stores will even measure your bust to help you determine the correct size. You will be doing yourself a major favor by limiting breast movement, preventing sagging, and staying comfortable during your workout. Happy shopping!

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