8 Mintes to Sculpted & Toned Arms

This 8 minute toned arms routine will give you the best arms workout for women in just a few moves! This toned arms workout contains 9 triceps exercises for women that will make the back of your arms burn, tighten them up and get rid of that dreaded back of the arm fat. The only piece of equipment you need for this workout is a resistance band. That means that this 8 minute triceps workout can literally be done anywhere – at home, at the gym, outdoors or in a hotel room! 

Here are the moves:

1) Tricep Band Kickbacks (30 seconds)
2) Overhead Tricep Presses (30 seconds)
3) Tricep Pushbacks (30 seconds)
4) Reverse Grip One Arm Overhead Presses (15 seconds per arm)
5) Forward Bend Tricep Kickbacks (30 seconds)
6) Tricep Narrow Press (30 seconds)
7) Narrow Pushups (30 seconds)
8) Very Narrow Pushups (30 seconds)
9) Diamond Pushups (30 seconds)

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