The Hydration Sensation

drink-more-waterThis is one of those “No Duh” advice moments, but somehow it still hasn’t resonated across all health and fitness enthusiasts. The advice is… water. That’s it, simple, clean, and easy. Water. Properly hydrating your body does wonders for your health and even fitness goals, including weight loss and better digestion. For people who train, run, play sports, or lead heavily active lifestyles, having the right amount of water is key to helping you muscles recover and rejuvenating your body.

The part of hydration that I think people let slip is not just having water, but enough. You would be amazed how much water your body needs if you workout and exercise, especially in a warm climate like LA or Houston. Properly hydrating yourself flushes out toxins, aids in joint health, metabolism, and even reduces fatigue. That’s why you see bikini competitors and bodybuilders alike carrying around those gallon jugs of water. I’m not saying go overboard, just make sure you are drinking enough. About 8 glasses or 96 oz per day on average is a good bet… although I apologize in advance for those extra trips to the bathroom.

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