Leek Soup Diet – 7 Facts That You Need to Know (With Recipe)

Leek Soup Diet
Facts about the leek soup diet

With all the buzz about using the leek soup diet to lose weight, several people want to know a lot more about it. As is the question with most diets, is it healthy? Well, there are several factors to consider here.

When it comes to weight loss, there are several diets that are effective, be it the keto diet or the flexitarian diet. However, when it comes to budget and time for meal prep, there can be some level of difficulty depending on your lifestyle. 

The leek soup diet is one that is both affordable and easy to follow, and for those reasons alone it’s well worth exploring.

So, whether you heard about it from Emily in Paris or a friend that never stops talking about it, in this article we’ll cover everything you need to know.

What Is a Leek Soup Diet?

The leak soup diet is a diet where individuals consume leek soup every 2-3 hours for a period of 48 hours. The frequency of the diet depends entirely on the individual, however, for nutritional value it’s better if you only do this a maximum of once a week or so.

The diet though effective is in some ways a weight loss fad that is only successful temporarily or in the short term. While not the best diet nutritionally speaking, there are some benefits that come along with the leak soup diet.

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7 Things to Know About the Leek Soup Diet

Facts about the leek soup diet
Facts about the leek soup diet

1. It Promotes the Loss of Water Weight

When it comes to losing weight or looking slimmer, the leak soup diet is an effective way to lose water weight quickly. That said, besides water weight, it has little effect on the fat mass of your body. Also, one thing worth keeping in mind is that it can reduce your muscle mass due to it causing a caloric deficit.

2. It’s Rich in Fibre and Probiotics

What makes leeks relatively healthy vegetables is the fact that they come loaded with fiber. The fiber in your diet helps promote healthy digestion and helps individuals feel full for longer. This means for anyone on a diet, the process is a lot less strenuous. 

Prebiotics help the stomach generate good bacteria (which is regulating digestion and physical well-being). Prebiotics help your stomach in resisting acidity (which is common when you eat less) and help in the growth of healthy bacteria that help with your overall well-being. 

3. Adds Antioxidants to Your Diet

Antioxidants are a natural way of removing oxidation from your body. What is oxidation? Well, typically, in your body, oxidation is a chemical reaction that in turn triggers several other reactions that can be harmful to your cells. 

How do they do this? Well, for one they reduce oxidative stress has proven to lead to conditions, such as cancer and even diabetes.  

4. The Caloric Deficit Is Not Entirely Healthy

For day-to-day activities, making sure you meet a specific caloric intake is required for proper mental and physical functionality. While leek soup helps to create a caloric deficit, it does this only by contributing around 500 calories per day.

Why is this bad? Put simply, for a healthy day-to-day life, individuals are required to consume at least 1200 calories. 

5. You Still Need to Exercise 

If you want to lose weight in the most sustainable way, making sure that you get rid of your body fat comes through exercise. While the leak soup diet can help with losing water weight, in order to lose fat it comes down to exercise.

That said, besides exercise, considering making small dietary adjustments based on your eating habits is equally important.

6. Leeks Could Help Prevent Cancer

Based on a few studies, leeks are both allium vegetables and a good source of kaempferol. A study conducted in China suggests that the consumption of allium vegetables reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Besides this, kaempferol has been proven by numerous studies to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses like cancer.

Kaempferol, according to the National Institute of Health, has been suggested to augment the body’s antioxidant defense against free radicals helping reduce them, which can help significantly reduce the risk of cancer.  

7. Leeks are Rich in Vitamins

While not well-known leeks are excellent sources of both vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A plays a vital role in bone health, vision, boosting your immunity, as well as, reproductive health. A deficiency in vitamin A is also known to cause night blindness.

As for vitamin C, it helps boost your immunity from deficiencies that lead to cardiovascular complications and is also rich in collagen. What is collagen? Simply put, collagen helps repair skin tissue, bone, ligaments, and even tendons.

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Leek Soup Recipe

Step 1

Clean and chop 4-6 leeks based on the requirement.

Step 2

Place the leeks into a pot, and make sure they are completely immersed in water. Then, place a lid on the top covering the pot.

Step 3

Boil the leeks for 25 – 30 minutes making a broth.

Step 4

Remove the leeks from the broth by straining them and season your soup with salt, pepper and herbs as per your personal preference.


The leek soup diet isn’t a sustainable diet when it comes to losing weight. While effective in reducing your water weight and making you look physically slim, without dietary changes for the long term, this is short-lived. For anyone looking for healthier, more sustainable ways to lose weight, the keto diet or flexitarian diet are better alternatives.

 Before trying out this diet we strongly suggest consulting with your physician or dietary expert to understand whether it is a healthy option for you personally. After this, if you’re just curious about how effective it is, we’d recommend you don’t make it a recurring diet for weight loss, as it can cause muscle loss and deny the body its basic caloric requirements.

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